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Reliable bonding and coating without primers, no final sanding, and without adapting the machinery to your work pieces‘ dimensions. Additionaly, this novel approach does not require any separate process gases.


Platinum (Pt) is the most common catalyst material and is used in combustion engines, solar cells, in fuel cells, in water treatment, in CO sensors, just to name a few. Although there are several ways to deposit the catalyst, when applying it to thermally unstable substrates, most methods are complicated and/or require expensive equipment.


Cryogenic Machining is used for machining hard metals like titanium while decreasing process time and machine tool wear and tear. As a coolant either liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxid is used. The proposed technology is a novel supplying system that allows the pre-mixing of liquid carbon dioxide and desired lubricant in precisely defined quantities.


The only test widely accepted to diagnose non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a liver biopsy. However, since this tissue examination presents too high a risk for routine diagnosis, a new technique for early detection has been developed.

Trauma On a Chip (BIOTECHNOLOGY)

Despite of the physiological 3D nature of wounds, to date no satisfactory technological solutions are available to induce defined 3D wounds in tissue-engineered microtissues. To bridge this technological gap, we have developed a lab-on-a-chip capable to mechanically inducing tissue trauma upon tissue models.


Periodontitis is an inflammation of the gums and supporting structures of the teeth. It is one of the most common human diseases affecting 8% of the population between the age of 20 and 64 years. A novel biomaterial stimulates the regeneration of destroyed tissues around the tooth (bone, gingiva)


Aldox takes care of whey, a low-cost byproduct from dairy companies and valorizes it to sellable biobased hydrogen peroxide and lactobionic acid. Millions of liters of whey accumulate each year. This enzymatic and sustainable process is for the on-site processing of whey.


Hand-rim is the most favoured mode of propulsion by a large percentage of wheelchair users even though it leads to severe upper limb injuries. This novel manual wheelchair propulsion device is optimized for the musculoskeletal system of the arm.

Smart Orange (ELECTRONICS)

Semiconductor nanocrystals, or quantum dots (QD), are tiny, nanometer-sized, Cd based particles with the ability to absorb light and re-emit it with well-defined colors. This is why they have become a building block of the display technology. In order to help reduce reliance on Cadmium a new generation of quantum dots ZnS(Se):Mn has been developed.

Vaccine Booster From the Sea (PHARMA)

Vaccines provide long-term resistance against diseases by generating an immune response to disease antigens. Some vaccines generate a poor response or are rapidly degraded. Adjuvants (e.g alum) potentiate this response, although it is not strong enough as required for the new generation of subunit vaccines.

New Bactericide Against Bacterial Spot (AGRICULTURE)

Bacterial spot is one of the most devastating diseases of pepper and tomato grown in warm, moist environments. A new graphene based material shows antimicrobial effects against Xanthomonas euvesicatoria, which causes bacterial spot disease on pepper plants.

Electrical Grids Protection (ENERGY)

The operation of under-frequency load shedding (UFLS) protection in power systems suffers from the lack of flexibility to different operating conditions. Wide-area solutions solve this issue, but at the same time have negative impact on robustness, transparency and reliability. In power-system protection, that isn’t acceptable.


The world’s first, fast and reliable testing system, which doesn’t require laboratory conditions or any specialized professionals. It allows for measurements, which last only a few seconds. The system is robust and mobile and increases customer loyalty due to certification of the quality of bitumen.

ZKS- Trenntechnik (PLASTICS)

On all hands plastic recycling becomes more and more important. But, primarily due to missing accurate sorting technologies mixed waste fractions are still incinerated or disposed. ZKS- Trenntechnik offers a new efficient plant concept based on density separation, which is able to recover post- consumer plastics especially polyolefins from these heterogeneous material streams for recycling.