Services included Price (incl. VAT)


  • Access to the matching event on 30 January 2019 for 1 person
  • Introduction to the technologies including 1on1 meetings with the scientists
  • Comprehensive supporting programme (see agenda)
  • Registration here
€ 10



  • Access to the matching event on 30 January 2019 for 1 person
  • A competitive edge in information through full insight into all technology offers (product descriptions, patent specifications, videos, scientific publications) BEFORE the matching event
  • Opportunity to contact the scientists BEFORE the matching event
  • 50% special discount on the claim fee, which includes the right of first refusal for one technology (standard price € 240)
  • Ticket for 1 person for the closing event
  • Registration here
€ 96



  • Contingent of 10 hours for consulting and coaching services by an INiTS consultant (expires on 31 March 2019)
  • Free access to workshops organised by INiTS
    (expires on 31 March 2019). Excluded are workshops held within the Startup Camp and the Health Hub Vienna
€ 1.800


In the event the technology provider closes a license deal or an IP sale with a startup INiTS is eligible to claim a success fee of 0,5% of the annual net revenue. The obligation of payment expires as soon as a total amount of EUR 10.000 (excl. VAT) has been paid.