START:IP is an initiative of INiTS and aims at supplying entrepreneurs with technology-based business ideas as well as at the commercialisation of academic and industrial research. We select cutting-edge technologies from Austria, Hungary and Slovenia, offer them to entrepreneurs willing to bring in their experience and support the newly formed teams in kicking off successful startups. 4 parties benefit from START:IP:


For founders, START:IP provides access to mature cutting edge technologies.


Business Angels or institutional investors such as VCs or corporations can use START: IP as an additional source of deal flow.


Universities can use START:IP as a platform to market their research results and interact with founders and investors to identify new commercialization possibilities and use cases.


Companies can use START:IP as a tool to broaden the application of their IP, accompany interesting startups from an early stage on and, thereby, drive open innovation.

Besides a large market potential, technologies are selected for START:IP if they have the potential to be developed into market-ready products/services within less than three years and manageable funding requirements (<1 Mio €).

Technology Providers
Medical University Graz
University of Pécs
University of Ljubljana
TU Graz – Graz University of Technology
Max F. Perutz Laboratories
Medizinische Universität Wien
Vienna University of Technology
University of Vienna
University of Graz
Sponsors and Partners
University of Technology Vienna
Herbst Kinsky Rechtsanwälte GmbH
REDL Life Science Patent Attorneys
Austrian Business Agency
Constantia New Business
Vienna Business Agency
Mercuri Urval
Knowledge Transfer Centre East (WTZ Ost)