What’s START:IP?

START:IP is an international marketplace for cutting-edge technologies from academic or industrial R&D. If you are an entrepreneur, an innovation manager, or an investor, this is your chance to learn first-hand about these technologies and eventually turn them into profitable products or services.


START:IP Matching Day

Exclusive access to cutting-edge technologies and early-stage investment opportunities

On 30 January 2020, the Matching Day will take place at the Vienna University of Technology.

At this all-day event you will first see presentations from technologies from 5 different CEE countries. Afterwards the scientists are awaiting you to discuss technological details and potential applications at their booths. In addition to an interesting supporting programme, there will be plenty of time for networking with entrepreneurs, company representatives, investors, scientists, and funding institutions.


How it works

With the registration you will not only receive 1 ticket for the Matching Day, but also immediate and full insight into all technology offers (product descriptions, patent specifications, videos, scientific publications) before the Matching Day.

That means that you also have the opportunity to contact the scientists before the Matching Day and thus gain a head start. On top of this you also will get a 50% discount on the claiming fee, which includes the right of first refusal for one technology.

Early-bird discounts are available

Get up to 50% discount

“We support START:IP because we see it as a potential source to generate deal flow. …”

Stefan Sommeregger, Constantia New Business GmbH

Technology Providers
Mendel University
Montan University Leoben
Jagellonian University Crakow
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
Medical University Graz
University of Pécs
University of Ljubljana
TU Graz – Graz University of Technology
Max F. Perutz Laboratories
Medizinische Universität Wien
Vienna University of Technology
Sponsors and Partners
Constantia New Business